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Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Thank you all for being apart of my journey. I am so happy to finally be able to live MY truth and my hopes are that you are able to do so as well! For my first blog post I want to explain the name of my brand and blog: Lovestrong.

Mission: To live by empowering others through self love and strong body positivity!

Because you’ll never be happy on the outside until you’re happy with what’s within! #ArriArmy

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Self Care isn’t Selfish!

What every summer needs… a bucket list!
Whether you’ve known your best friends for eight weeks or eight years this bucket list is the perfect tool for self care and quality time with your best friend. Because you’re worth so much more than “Netflix & Chill”! Here are a few fun ways to add self care into your life while still spending quality time with your best friends!

This is your ultimate girls night where you stay up together from sunset to sunrise. Don’t waste your time talking bout those that don’t matter, instead use this time to grow your bond with your best friends by spending quality time under the stars with your favorite people & have a BFF Night Out or a BFF Night In!

2) #BFFVacation or #BFFStaycation
What better way to spend quality time with your best friends than to take a trip whether near or far you’re bound to have fun while spending quality time with your best friends!

3) #BFFPic or #BFFVid
All best friends like looking back on all the amazing times spent together but sometimes we forget to stop and take a photo &/or video! Each time you and your besties link up try this fun technique! Same besties, same pose… different location! Don’t forget to save your #BestiePhoto or #BestieVideo for you & your best friends in the future.

4) #BFFSnacks or #BFFApparel
In an effort to refrain from name dropping I won’t include specific details about fun “crates” that can be ordered. However this is especially made for my budget friendly besties! Split the cost of a subscription or two with your besties and share the goods! This is a fun way to have different experiences while still staying within budget and promoting that quality time and self care with your best friends!

5) #BFFRoadtrip or #BFFSkytrip
We all need a little adventure in our lives! Plan to take a week vacation with your besties, buy a map, flip a coin… wherever that coin lands is your destination! All you & your best friends have to do is decide on how to get there!

No matter which hashtags you choose, you are sure to have fun journeys with your besties! It will be LIT! I cannot wait to see how you spend your quality time with your besties! Don’t forget to tag your favorite hashtags on Insta! #Lovestrong