About Us

                        14642B0B-7800-431C-8B87-4B6DB9B5CBB1.jpegMeet Our Founder: 

Arri Shandalay

An empowering individual that has the main goal to share strong love vibes with the world! View the mission & vision statement below to learn more! ✨

Lovestrong Mission Statement:

• To provide a platform without labels & stereotypes.
• To inspire others to be themselves, unapologetically!
• To empower people to not only empower theirselves but to empower others as well.

Lovestrong Vision:

Lovestrong is a movement that started when our founder realized the main thing in life that she did flawlessly was spread LOVE! One thing that everyone can use a little more of is LOVE! Love not only for others but for yourself as well! Here at Lovestrong we want to celebrate YOU! 🎉 Our Lovestrong ambassadors want to shower the world with body positivity, self care, and self love! We send our Lovestrong ambassadors out into the world to empower others through written words, public speaking, encouragement… basically daily small acts of kindness! Lovestrong takes the road less traveled so that we are able to heal the world with one kind act at a time! Ultimately, we want to share our STRONG LOVE FOR LOVE! #LovestrongMovement ✨